Friday, August 29, 2008

I am the proud owner of a MBK Hardrock motorbike!!!! No, I haven't traded Lasfar in, but he is not good for riding around Douz - too much traffic. And to go see him, I have to take a taxi each time (a 5 minute drive). So I decided I wanted to be a bit more independent, free (and to have some fun!). It's a small Eurpopean motorbike. The bedouins import them in from Europe, then fit them with a few extra parts to make them better to drive in the desert as well as the roads. I have included one photo of just part of it. I'll include some photos of me driving it next time!

By the way, the cockroach problem seems to be gone. Apparently they were coming out of the drains at night (hence the 5 I found were only in the kitchen and bathroom). So as long as I keep the drains plugged when not in use, voila! No 'la cukaratcha'!

The weather is cooling down, today it was only 34. I actually had the AC off for awhile. It was nice to open the doors and windows.
My apartment is getting really nice. I'm nesting, and feel more and more like it is a home. I included a photo of sunset from my rooftop, and I will include some photos inside my apartment in my next blog.

So, back to the motorbike. I have been exploring the outskirts of town, and have gone to 2 palmeries. I discovered there is one down the road only a kilometer or so from my apartment, just before another small village. The village is great, shops line the 'main' street, people walking around - kids playing, families visiting, shopping. People are so friendly and warm and wave and say hello when I go by. I've included a couple of photos of this palmerie.

I had an early birthday party for my good friend Mounir, who's birthday is actually during Ramadan. He invited a few friends, including Mekki, another good friend, who taught me to make couscous. He makes the best couscous - so of course I had to learn from him! So we ate couscous & lamb, a delicious birthday cake with tunisian tea, and juicy sweet watermelon. And of course, we danced! I am reminded of a quote from a book I read "...and we shall eat lamb with our fingers in the light of a single sequin in the navel of a bellydancer".

In a couple of days it will be Ramadan, so I thought it would be a good time for me to 'get away' (ha!) for a week or so. On Monday I will go to Hammamet for a week. It's a beach resort town, with a beautiful mediterranean beach, great restaurants (that are actually open during Ramadan), and a medina. So I will spend a week swimming, reading, shopping and eating. (I know, life really is rough).
So, until next time, with much love,

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