Thursday, April 9, 2009

My new apartment in Douz!

I arrived back in Tunisia on March 11th, 32 long hours after leaving the Vancouver Airport. Vancouver was CRAZY. Packing up the last of my things in Vancouver was overwhelming. Rustyn's sweetie, Sarah, took 2 days off work to help me go through it, which was a huge help. Above is a photo of my life's belongings on three pallettes, ready to ship to Tunisia.

It was wonderful to spend some time with Rustyn and Sarah, Jesse & Anastasia on the island & a few friends (and cousins) as well. There wasn't much time for visiting, with all the things I needed to do (oh, and organize a fundraiser as well! - more about that coming soon in another blog entry)

After my 32 hour flight,
we spent a few days resting in Tunis, before taking the 12 hour long bus ride back to Douz,
arriving at 10 PM, exhausted, only to find my apartment full of sand (the worst windstorm seen in years apparently), and my cat, Petunia, (after having been cooped up for over a month) - well, shall we say a little CRAZY????

Things have been so hectic since my arrival back. Most importantly, I have moved to a new apartment!!! The one I had been living in was fine for the short term, but was too expensive to live in longer.

A friend just finished building an apartment, so I went to see it and FELL IN LOVE! And it is less than half the price of the other one!!!

So, I will let the photos speak for themselves. I am still waiting for my shipment from Vancouver to arrive with some furniture and wall hangings, but I am already nesting, and am in bliss...

The neighbourhood is also great - more local people living around me, goats, donkeys, more palm trees, sand roadways, warm and welcoming neighbours, and a great plant shop (as you can see in the photos of the beginnings of my rooftop garden!)
The view from my apartment windows and especially my rooftop is absolutely stunning. I counted NINE minarettes (mosques) from my rooftop!

Included are some photos (in my new home) of my friend Nadine from Paris (and who loves the sahara as much as me!), who came to stay with me less than a week after I had moved in along with her friend Sandra (who is a social worker in Paris, and now a friend as well!). It was a short, but wonderful visit!

Next week my friend, Suli, from Vancouver is coming to Douz with her friend Mina, and I will go with them into the desert for three nights (of course bringing both Mabrouk and Lasfar - who haven't met each other yet!!!)

The temperature lately has been around 26 in the shade and 32 in the sunshine. Warm, beautiful blue skies...

I am blessed,
Love Juanita

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nadine said...

Ma chère amie Juanita !
I just discover your blog about your new appartment. One month after I always think about that beautifull day !!! So nice to meet a friend like you ! I hope to come back soon in "our" magic sahara, and in your sweet home !
Lots of love Juanita
and kisses for Lasfar, Petunia, Mabrouk and......all your animals !