Monday, June 22, 2009


Ah Paris... This was my first time (yes it was) in this magical sparkling city... And so many things made it extra special for me. My dear friend, Nadine, allowed me to stay in her home - her so very Parisian apartment, with it's central garden, classic timelessness... As she was away in Britain during for the first part of my visit, her friend, Benedicte met me to show me around. We had a lovely cup of tea together when I arrived.

After tea, I took the metro and met Inez, my niece, who happened to be in Paris and whom I was flying back to Vancouver with. She explained the metro system and we had dinner together. We also spent much of the next day together, walking around the beautiful city, then had such a fun dinner with her friends.

The next evening I spent with my dear friend, Sandra, who gave me such a wonderful evening.

I returned for one more night after Vancouver, and stayed in Villa Fenelon, an old Parisienne hotel in the centre of the city. Notice the round gold elevator. This hotel is a gem and I will be back. That evening, Nadine was back in town, and cooked me a delicious meal and we talked.

The photos tell the story. Enjoy....


Vintagechick1 said...

You always bring out the best in a city!

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