Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yolanda and Dairn thrive in the Sahara

Started off the trek with two colleagues I really liked, and ended up with two amazing friends.

Climbed Mount Timbaine, tumbled over a few gaggles of goats, hugged one, adopted an Algerian nomad named Eid for a few days (or he adopted us), gave him a pair of green goggles during a windstorm (anyone running into an Algerian nomad in the Sahara sporting green goggles - say hello to Eid), stopped to give some fruit to two Algerian nomad women - one who was pregnant, hung out with more nomads, experienced all weather - from windstorms to heat to rain, until our arrival at Hwidat Erridat ("the lake") which had the most water I have ever seen in it, got to know a donkey (we named Eeyore) accompanied by a nomad, listened to the gasbya being played by the fire in the dark of night under a myriad of stars and were blessed to witness the most beautiful sunset and sunrise I have ever seen in my life...
Oh yah, also saw a helicopter, a hummer and then a dozen tourists arrive at the lake just before we left - later discovering that an international car and motorbike rally event was happening in Douz at the same time as we were in the desert!

Don't forget you can click on the photos. I think some of these are my best yet...

Love Juanita

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