Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid ick Mabrouk, 2010

Finally it is Eid. It has been the longest Ramadan for me - from Aug 10 to Sept 10. Temperatures often 50 degrees, my social life dribbling to almost non-existent.

But finally it is Eid.

The first photo is of the route to where my new house is going to be.

The other photos are scenes from my life during Eid.

Enjoy, and Eid ick Mabrouk...

Love, Juanita


Carol said...

I love the picture of you on the motorcycle with the child!

Donia said...

Hi Juanita, yr blog is a fantastic idea, it is beautiful, the pictures and all y write. It touch me when y talk about the call of the soul for the Sahara. I would like to talk to you more concerning your living in Douz. I plan on mooving there too but in a few years, I'm thinking of buying a house maybe in Glissia. You got me when you said you did the scariest thing ever in your life, that's exactly what it's all about !!! but it pushes me inside to go back since in went 1 entire month last january; please could we contact ?? you seem a very good person and I'm looking to meet quality people. Sorry for my english, I'm Canadian like you but french, from Qu├ębec, really hope to have an answer from you Juanita, take care