Sunday, October 24, 2010

In memory of Lasfar Camel

Lasfar, you were the best camel anyone could ever own. I loved you from the moment I met you, over three years ago, with your cute fuzzy sticky-out ears, big brown eyes... I knew then that I had to have you.

You would come to me when I called you - unheard of for a camel - and when I called you amidst hundreds of camels, I could always find you - you were the camel who lifted his head and turned to me when I called " Laaaaasfar".

When I was down, or lonely (I know it sounds like a song...) you listened to me with your big brown long-lashed eyes quietly looking into my own. I could see my face reflected in your huge eye as you watched me watch you.

When I rode you in the desert and I talked to you, your ears would tilt back to hear my voice...

You were goofy and gentle.

You LOVED food, and when we were walking in the desert, you would watch for any second when I wasnt looking to snag a mouthful here and there. Of course I pretended I didnt see, and only when we were getting behind, did I pretend to get mad and say - come on - let's go...

The guys would tease me in the desert by calling "Laaaasfar" - copying how I called you.

You knew me... You loved me.... And you knew I loved you.

There will never be another camel like you. My heart will always have a huge two-ton hole in it.

Thank you for blessing my life and adding so much richness and joy. You were a gift to me.

Missing you...



meowmeow1964 said...

Lasfar, though I never met you in person I feel like I know you through Juanita. Thank you for loving my friend and being her devoted companion. May camel heaven be filled with short treks, long naps, plentiful food and water and many friends, both old and new. Big stretch hug all the way to your fuzzy ears, Denise

nina said...

Laaaasfar, your name will echo across the desert as the one that loves you grieves. go softly on the next leg of your journey.

juanita said...

Note from Rustyn: Mom...i want you to know how much I/we are thinking about you. I am sorry for your loss!! I know you mention he was only an animal....but we all know he was more than that. He was your friend. He was the one thing you could trust to always just listen...never judge, and always love you back. He was there right from the beginning of your adventures and right to the end of his. I am positive both of you will share the same memories until the end of time ~. I am also sure somewhere in camel heaven he is saying," Juaaaaniiiiitaaa....don't worry, I love you"!